Sponsor a League, Event or Player

Sponsor a League, Event or Player

Sponsor The NC State Combo Championships: Nov. 2-5 & 9-12

We bring over 2000 players from across NC to play Combo State Championships where winners advance to regional championships. This tournament is held in Wilmington, NC over two weekends November: 2 – 5 & 9-12.We need YOUR help to make this event a success and enjoyable to our fellow players who travel to Wilmington from all over North Carolina.

Provide support by becoming a sponsor or providing your service ans spreading the word about your products at the vendor village:

We are actively looking for the following business types to become sponsors:

  • Car dealership
  • Franchise Businesses who have locations across Wilmington
  • Local restaurants to promote to our players so they can patron local businesses
  • Radio sponsor
  • Real estate company, preferably one that offers short term rentals (often our players return to Wilmington for future vacations and family / life events)
  • Law Firm


Youth Tennis Sponsorship

Information coming soon. If you are interested in sponsoring a youth event, please contact marketing@wilmingtontennis.com.


Tickets will be available on January 1, 1970