Junior Tennis Ladder

Challenge ladders are a great way to meet other tennis players and to play on your own level, whether you are a beginner or an experienced tennis player, and to play at your own convenience.

Players set their own matches at their convenience and can play as often or as little as they want and wherever they want. Players are ranked on ladders similarly to how the pros are ranked, by earning points or winning matches. The more you play or the more matches you win, the higher you will climb on the tennis ladder and improve your ranking.

There are two divisions to the ladder: Beginner and Intermediate/Advanced. Within these divisions are three different age groups: 12U, 14U, and 18U. On the ladder, “beginner” means beginner – juniors who have not been playing all their lives and are somewhat new to the sport. 12U and 14U beginners even have an abbreviated one-set match to keep it simple and fun. If your players have been playing and competing for a while, they should sign up for Intermediate/Advanced. This is also a perfect platform for high school students who may or may not get to play this year to keep competing with friends and teammates.

2021 Fall Junior Ladder is now registering! Register at:


Once you go to this link and create a TennisRungs account, you must go back in and then choose a ladder to join.  If you already have an account from playing on our previous junior ladders just sign in and choose a new ladder to join. 

If you have a question about joining a ladder, please contact the league coordinator, Candy Pegram, email: tennis@wilmingtontennis.com

We have partnered with TennisRungs (Court Reserve Software) to bring our youth a fun, user-friendly ladder platform. Once you register, download the app and manage everything directly from your phone or parents’ phones. We feel this feature will greatly appeal to juniors who at any given moment can open the app and check their ladder standings.

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